Try to be yourself

An entire life locked up into others’ will.
Each of our shades, be it positive or negative, will always lead to criticism, which, most of the times, won’t be any constructive and will affect our daily wellness.
Stereotypes lead us to homologate with the mass.
We should hence dig into ourselves. Have you ever thought about this?
We should abandon us into our own self and rediscover ourselves.
This phase could cause you distress, but what if you earned a change from this?
You could even live life in its fullness.
Changing highlights strenght, vigor, everything we can actually call “life”!

It is not neceessairily negative to abandon ourselves.
We should valorize our own persona, making starting points out of our weak points.
You’re never too old to dream. So feel free to always be yourselves.
Singing, dancing, writing, even laughing if you want, as long as you’re living.
Best things are never easy.
Fight, exceed your limits. Fight, because only by struggling and testing yourself, you can overcome the obstacles that life will set against you, and… even achieve happiness!
“And even if sometimes she forgets about us, we shall never forget about her” (R. Benigni)

Be brave enough to fight… to feel unique.
Uniqueness makes us free … free to think, to express ourselves, to feel alive.
So try. Try to be yourself.

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